Buy local reindeer meat from Inari

Our reindeers free-roam all year round at nature, mountains and forests. In addition of traditional reindeer herding, we also sell fresh, tasty reindeer meat from our farm in Inari village center. We have a selection of different parts of reindeer, for example ready hashed sautéed reindeer, tenderloin, sirloin, different roast parts, reindeer kebab, liver and tongue.

Reindeer meat is very tasty, but also healthy in nutrition: there are lot of health benefits in the ingredients. Reindeer meat has plenty of proteins, minerals, A- and B-vitamins and unsaturated oleic acids, that diminish the harmful LDL cholesterol. There is very little fat (2-4 %) in reindeer meat. The fat composition of the reindeer meat reminds of a fish. From nutritional perspective, reindeer is the best of the meat products! 

(Reindeer Herder's Association,

Sautéed reindeer roast 

35 €/kg

Top sirloin butt roast

39 €/kg

Topside roast

40 €/kg

Reindeer kebab

32 €/kg

Meat for soup

17 €/kg


52 €/kg


52 €/kg


5 €/ pcs.


4 €/pcs.

3 pieces in package


5 €/pcs.