Reindeer at our reindeer fence
Reindeer at our reindeer fence

Experience the Authentic Lapland: A Day in the Life of a Reindeer Herder's Wife

Immerse yourself in the everyday life of a reindeer herder's wife and experience the authentic Lapland with all your senses. This unique day begins at our reindeer fence, which is located few kilometres away from our home. You'll feed these beautiful creatures and learn about what it truly means to care for them. 

Next we'll head to the kitchen to prepare a delicious local meal using fresh reindeer meat or fresh Lake Inari fish, carefully selected side dishes and a dessert. This taste sensation is also an introduction to the local food culture.

Throughout the day, you'll have the opportunity to peek into the life and home of a reindeer herder family. Eager to share stories and culture, we'll help you gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the local way of life. Participate in a handicraft workshop where we use genuine reindeer leather, bones, and antlers to create unique handicrafts. This is your chance to dive into the world of tradition and create your own souvenir with traditional materials.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure and personally witness the beauty and culture of Lapland. This is a day you'll remember forever!