"Colours from nature; sun, forest, snow and sky shades"

Jewelries and accessories are mainly made of Finnish reindeer leather and suede. Jewelry findings are surgical stainless steel. The smaller earring models are made of left over reindeer leather and suede. We try to use every part of reindeer leather so well as possible.

You can buy some handcrafts from our resalers, our home and you can also put me a message via Instagram @reindeerfamilyandworkshop, Facebook or contact via telephone tel. +35840 591 9162!

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Part of photographs taken by Johanna Tuurala, Instagram @jht.photographing


Valkko - Your piece of Finland, Rovaniemi

Siida- Sámi museum, Inari

KorvantunturinMaan Osuuskunta, Savukoski

Hotelli-Ravintola Samperin Savotta, Savukoski

Sallan Poropuisto, Salla

Alava Shop, Äkäslompolo

Northern Lights Riders - myymälä, Ivalo



Swing long -earrings 35 €. Length with earring hook 11.5cm.

Swing short -earrings 28 €. Length with earring hook 9.5cm.

Triple tassel -earrings 26 €. Handmade of left over reindeer leather and suede. Length with earring hook 9.5cm.

Mini tassel -earrings 21 €. Handmadeof left over reindeer leather and suede pieces.

Double feather -earrings 26 €. Length with earring hook 9cm.

Tulips -button earrings 16 €. Handmade of left over reindeer leather and suede pieces.

Big tassel -earrings 35 €. Length with hook 9.5cm.

Small tassel -earrings 21 €. Length with earring hook 6.5 cm.

Square -button earrings 15 €. Handmade of left over leather pieces.

Hair bow with hair bobble 7 €, hair click 10 € or hair buckle 12 €.

Bowties, children 35 € and adults 50 €. Also available cognac and dark brown colors.

Hair pins 4 €/pair.

Lanyards, corded model 26 €. Length 85 cm.

Lanyards with safety lock 20 €. Length 85 cm.

Hair bands 20-25 €.

Necklaces 22 €. Chain length 75 cm.

Bracelets 17 €.

Key fobs 8€.

Key fobs 8€
Key fobs 8€