Reindeer meat soup
Reindeer meat soup

Participate handcraft workshop at Sámi reindeer herder home

  • participate handcraft workshop activity, as materials we have: reindeer leather, bones and antlers
  • handcraft workshop is suitable for all ages
  • you can also choose to paint antler pieces

At the same time you can:

  • meet the locals
  • familiarise Sámi reindeer herders home
  • drink a cup of tea or coffee with berry cake (the berries which the cake is baked, have family members picked by themselves from Inari forests)
  • we will tell you about our family Sámi and Inari life and lifestyle and reindeer herding

The handcraft you do during the workshop, you can take with you as a souvenir!

Cook local food at local Sámi home

  • you can cook local food of reindeer meat or Inari lake fish with the host

  • we use so much local and region foodstuffs as possible

  • includes main dish and dessert

  • you get English recipes with you

Please inform beforehand if you have some allergies!

Sautéed reindeer
Sautéed reindeer
Reindeer tongue with rye bread
Reindeer tongue with rye bread

Reindeer herders wife day

You can take part to reindeer herder wifes every day homeworks. You can feed our courtyard reindeers with the host, cook local food of local reindeer meat or Inari lake fish with side dishes and dessert. Also take part to handcraft workshop activity with the reindeer herders wife, same time familiarising our Sámi reindeer herder home, life and living.