About us

I'm Raisa mother of three, nurse of health, reindeer herder and wife of reindeer herder. I have borned in Lapland and lived hole my life in there. I'm daughter of wilderness guide, fisherman and hunter and my mother is a cook. Nature has always been important part of my life and close to my heart. I have been only couble months old, when I have been at the first time with my family fishing and picking berries. When I was enough old my father took me also with him to hunt. I love cooking, baking, spending time in nature and every kind of handcrafts. I do many kinds of handcrafts of reindeer and fish leather and different materials of nature. As professional I am BBA of international business and marketing, but also nurse and nurse of health. I speak Finnish, Northern Sami and English.
Here is my husband Janne. He is a reindeer herder. His family has been herding reindeers for centuries. Janne spends much time on mountains and forests taking care of our family reindeers. Reindeer herding is a way of life to him and it decides his year circle. He also likes to spend time with us always when it's possible. My husband is expert to build and fix almost everything. He speaks Northern Sami and Finnish.
Here are our children Jussa, Iina and Enni. They are lights of our life. They are full of life and always so eager to take part in reindeer herding works. I'm so happy when I have a possibility to let our children grow here in Lapland, living reindeer herder and Sami culture life. I'm happy to teach them to appreciate nature and living here in Inari.